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Silvia & Richard | Gender Reveal Party

When Silvia approached me regarding photographing her gender reveal party, I was so excited from the get-go. I really cannot imagine a sweeter combination of factors to photograph - a wonderfully sweet and in-love couple, a glowing pregnant woman and the first grandchild for all grandparents. As far as Spanish traditions go, gender reveals are really not common - so it was a unique chance for me to participate in something very new and so totally exciting!

The event was beautifully planned and meticulously arranged for by Pretty Please Dulces Creativos, run by lovely Marissa. She also provided all the sweet delicacies and arranged for the BIGgest surprise element: the giant box with the balloons that would reveal the gender of Silvia's & Richard's baby.

All I did was to bask in the joy, excitement and good times through my camera lens. A truly beautiful experience and I am so humbled to have been able to be a small part of it.

Oh, they are having a boy! :) Huge congratulations to the sweetest couple!

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